Gigantic Quasar Cluster Shatters Long-Held Theories of Space

Quasar Cluster Shatters

This is all from an international team of astronomers who have suddenly found, within their routine observation, the largest structure in space which is even bigger than universe. It is calculated that this will take four billion years to cross this huge quasar group. This might happen only when traveling will be made at the speed of light. If it is compared to our closet neighbor, that is, Andromeda Galaxy, it will take just 2.5 million light years from our universe to this new region. However, scientists know it very well that this new discovery is not the only piece of gigantic cosmic lore. There might be so many of them which are bigger than our universe.

Prominent author Dr. Roger Clowes of the University of Lancashire has expressed his view in this event and he told Torstar News Service that this is only 5% of the total observation of universe. He stated that there is no prediction that universe is uniform and this is a dramatic challenge to established Einstein theory. This view can be directly placed with the modern theory like Cosmological Principle which was introduced by Einstein and where he says that universe is symmetrical, means same in all directions. This means Einstein’s theory has been shattered with this new observation.

This is not a joke and this might create a big question mark on the foundation of everything about universe till now we perceive and we understand. This novel achievement also shows that the older Einstein theory of Cosmological Principle is no longer studied and established, because a reasonable level of doubt in mind of the scientists or experts in this field was before at hand. People found Einstein’s theory a simpler one, at least mathematically, in comparison to this novel discovery.

This fresh cosmic phenomenon has been reported in the journal of the Royal Astronomical Society and it is like that this new report has shown red flag to science in simplifying the concept of the expansion of universe. But, it is also reported that Einstein’s other theory of relativity is safe till now. Present day science of our planet believes that there is no bigger object in universe than 370 megaparsecs which is equivalent to 1.2 billion light years. Abovementioned new invention is three times huge than this calculation. The preliminary tests have been confirmed that this gigantic object in universe is quasar groups with black holes which are typically observed in the centre of galaxies.

Scientists, astronomers and all planetary observers are surprised now with this novel super massive black holes which are expected by experts as 10 to 100 million years old and they have given this wonderful object a name, HUGE-LQG. There is so much left for research and observation now.

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