Fasting on Alternate Days Could Reduce Your Weight

A new study published in a journal named JAMA Internal Medicine, suggests that fasting on alternate days could be helpful for the people who want reduce their weight. There are different type of mechanism for the weight loss but all are not as much effective as they have been speculated by their researchers.

According to this new study, rather than going on a diet it will be much better to reduce the calories intake on regular alternative days. They have proposed to allow a person to have only 25% of total calories they need in 24 hours.

But the biggest problem that this mechanism is going to face is the monitoring of activity and food intakes. It will be solely depend on a person that how much control, he holds over his diets. Everybody who are facing obesity have similar line of problem like having more food intakes than others and a very limited control on fast food items.

For an example we know that women need to have just 1600 to 2000 calories in complete cycle of a day. But usually more than 70% of them cross their usually on any given day. This causes a increase in the fat that leads to the obesity.

If one will have a better control on their food and will do regular exercise then all these weight loss mechanism will work properly for them.

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