Faster-than-light Tachyons Particles Could Explain Dark Matter, Dark Energy and The Black Holes

Scientists have been trying for centuries to understand the beginning and evolution of the Universe. But still there remain some questions that no one can explain properly, like:

i) What was the reason of the Big Bang? Or What was there before it?
ii) The concepts of Dark Matter and Dark Energy have not been fully understood till now neither we have any concrete evidence to prove their existence.
iii) Is the Universe unique or it is a part of the Multiverse?
iv) We are still unsure about the reason behind inflation.

Despite advancement in the science, we have not been able to understand these mystries completely. But a compelling new theory claims to resolve all these in a very single sweep. The answer, in line with a paper revealed in European Physical Journal C by Herb Fried from Brown University and Yves Gabellini from INLN-Université de Nice, could also be a form of particle known as a tachyon.

Tachyons are theoretic particles that travel quicker than light. According to Einstein’s special theory of relativity – and as per experiment up to now – in our ‘real’ world, particles will ne’er travel faster than light. that is simply as well: if they did, our concepts concerning cause and impact would be thrown out the window, as a result of it’d be advisable to envision an effect manifest before its cause.

Although it’s elegantly easy in conception, Fried and Gabellini’s model is debatable as it needs the existence of those tachyons: specifically electrically charged, fermionic tachyons and anti-tachyons, fluctuating as virtual particles within the quantum vacuum (QV). (The plan of virtual particles intrinsically is nothing new: within the customary Model, forces like electromagnetism sare considered fields of virtual particles perpetually ducking in and out of existence. Taken along, of these virtual particles form up the quantum vacuum.)

But Einstein’s special theory of relativity, although it bars faster-than-light travel for standard matter and photons, doesn’t entirely preclude the existence of tachyons. As Fried explains, “In the presence of a huge-energy event, like a supernova explosion or the Big Bang itself, maybe these virtual tachyons are often torn out of the QV and sent flying into the vacuum (RV) of our everyday world, as real particles that have yet to be measured.”

If these tachyons do cross the speed-of-light boundary, the researchers believe that their high masses and little distances of interaction would introduce into our world an infinitely small amount of ‘a-causality’.

Fried and Gabellini came across their tachyon-based model whereas making an attempt to search out an evidence for the dark energy throughout space that seems to fuel the fast enlargement of the universe. They initially projected that dark energy is created by fluctuations of virtual pairs of electrons and positrons.

However, this model bumped into mathematical difficulties with surprising imaginary numbers. In special theory of relativity, however, the rest mass of a tachyon is an complex number, in contrast to the rest mass of standard particles. whereas the equations and imaginary numbers within the new model involve much more than simple masses, the thought is suggestive: Gabellini accomplished that by together with fluctuating pairs of tachyons and anti-tachyons he and Fried might cancel and remove the unwanted imaginary numbers from their calculations. what’s additional, an enormous bonus followed from this inventive response to mathematical necessity: Gabellini and Fried assumed that by adding their tachyons to the model, they may justify inflation too.

Source: Cosmos Magazine

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