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At a time when nearly all the big cities of the world are facing big traffic on their roads due to a surge in vehicles. Need to think a better way of transportation have been in the conscious effort of each and every countries. With new planned cities to bullet trains, all of them are trying their best to handle these traffic problem which will grow very fast in coming decades and the size of the vehicles are also going to double in the soon.

Elon Musk, considered by many as one of the best inventors of modern time, has already unveiled a plan in past like his Hyperloop technology, which is under implementation in Dubai to make travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in just 10 to 15 minutes.

But in past weekend Elon Musk has proposed a very new concept of transportation in his Ted Talk, which could minimize the current traffic by 90%. This new methodology will allow the drivers to move through a traffic using underground tunnels on a movable platform  with a speed that could be  210 km/h.

He said that we have building here on the surface of the earth, those could be measured 500 miters but with this we also need to look after the mines that are under the ground which are much deeper than those buildings. We can create a lot of tunnels underground, which could make travel so much faster than our expectations.




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