Early life and family background of Salman Rushdie

salman rushdie

Salman Rushdie is a distinguished and famous novelist and essayist of Indian origin and Citizen of Britain. He was born on 19th June 1947 in the Indian city of Mumbai, which was then recognized as Bombay. He is a Kashmiri Muslim and is the son of Anis Ahmed Rushdie who was a businessman and Negin Bhatt who was a teacher. Salman Rushdie did his schooling from Mumbai and then moved to Rugby in England. He started his career as copywriter and later earned the fame as novelist and essayist. His full name is Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie. His works are more popular because of the controversies and criticisms associated with them.

Even in his personal life he had never a constant marital relationship; he had four marriages and all of the four ended up with divorce. The names of his two sons are Zafar and Milan. He is always involved in controversies because of his anti religion views particularly with reference to Islam which have been widely criticised. Grimus was the first novel by Salman Rushdie which was followed by Midnight’s Children. His book titled Shame won France’s Best Foreign Book and a runner-up for Booker Prize. He has used the broad immigrant outlook and magic realism in his works which are basically post colonial in character. Salman Rushdie is a well known novelist who has earned his fame as a critic.

His work achieved recognition after his second novel work Midnight’s Children won the Booker Prize in 1981, The Booker of the Bookers in 1993 and The Best Booker 2008. He became very famous in the year 1989 when a critic was published on his novel The Satanic Verses. He had been in the news for his writings which basically concentrate around the religious and political belief. A graduate from University of Cambridge and a writer of a number of famous novels he is at present settled in London near Union Square since year 2000. His most discussed about controversial novel was The Satanic Verses written in 1988 which had led to unrest among the followers of Prophet Mohammad. He has been associated with Emory Universityand was also selected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters. In his novel Joseph Anton: A Memoir he has mentioned about the experiences he had gone through during the period of controversy over his novel The Satanic Verses. He was ranked thirteenth by The Times among the fifty eminent British writers since 1945.Also in June 2007. Queen Elizabeth II  honored him for his contribution to literature. An Indian by birth he is a writer more known for the controversies than for his excellent writings.

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