Detection of Fake Currency By Reserve Bank of India

Detection of Fake Currency by rbi

Currency management is one of the most important central banking functions of the reserve bank of India. According to the section 22 of the reserve bank of India act, the sole authority of issuing currency in India lies with the reserve bank of India. There is a department in reserve bank of India named the department of currency management, which is responsible for the function.

In the recent past, with the objective of spreading awareness among the public about the fake notes, the reserve bank of India has launched a website. The website is named as “Pehchano Paise Ki Boli, Kyunki Paisa Bolta Hai.” The site provides ways to detect fake notes.

One can have visual presentation along with the pointers on the currency notes to show the points which will help them to identify the difference between a genuine and a counterfeit note. The visual representation is present on the notes of almost all the denominations, starting from Rs 10 to Rs 1000.Viewers also has the option of downloading the visual presentations either in the form of posters or documentary film. According to the records of reserve bank of India fake currencies are mostly found in the denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1000

According to the RBI website there are certain security features that will help the consumers in identifying a fake note. There are all together nine such security features, seven in the front and two at the back of a currency note. Following are some of the security features:

Front side: for the currency note of Rs 100 for example.

See through Register: it is the floral design that found printed on the front, (it also appear at the back side of the note) situated in the middle of the vertical band, that are found next to the watermark window,  that has the denominational number “100”. Half of that is printed on the reverse and half on the obverse. On viewing against the light the number ‘100’ will appear as one

Latent image: there is a latent image on the vertical band that shows the numeral 100 when the note is held at eye level horizontally

Micro lettering: with the help of a magnifying glass the letters RBI and The numeral 100 can be seen in the zone between the vertical band and the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.

Identification mark: it is a triangle which helps the visually impaired to identify the denomination.

Watermark: it is the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi and an electrotype mark showing 100 which can be viewed properly when held against the light.

Others are: Intaglio Printing and security thread and fluorescence and paper for the back side.

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