Cloud Computing Deployment Models and Concepts

It is very much important to understand the basics of cloud computing, before we get indulged in to the Cloud Computing Deployment Models and Concepts. Cloud computing is an advanced form of technology that helps you to get several benefits. It is a hosted service over the internet, rather a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers in order to put the facts, figures and applications in a line. The phrase “Cloud Computing” means a cloud of data that hovers around on internet. Your files can be obtained or also can be retrieved on any computer; just you need to have internet connection. It has a host of benefits to any business and organization.

Cloud computing is an incredibly versatile and stretchy computing model and thus can be modified as per the requirements of the users in any organizations. Organizations prefer clouds for different purposes, be it computation, data access, data security, software or storage of data’s. There are various Cloud Computing Deployment Models and Concepts to make your cloud customized.

Few of the most popular deployment models are as follows-

Public Cloud: This is frequently how mainstream cloud computing service providers choose over the web. This type of deployment models are backed by a quite large amount of shared infrastructure and resources.  This model is generally provided to organizations on a self-service basis over the Internet. The user pays on the basis if usage. The amount the users use, he / she will pay based on that to the service provider.

Private Cloud: Private cloud computing models would be an extension of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) concept. This is best suited for companies those who want to exercise major level of control over their private data. This model of computing proffers great deal of data security while allowing for sharing.

Community Cloud: Community based cloud computing can be best understood as an end result of a variety of public cloud networks that come altogether to host a network. This joint effort is determined by the same needs of different organizations that belong to a definite industry along with large scale of requirements that cannot be hosted on a single public cloud.

Hybrid Cloud: This is one of the most important Cloud Computing Deployment Models and Concept. This model is mostly used in cases where companies want to get bigger and spread inorganically without investing vast capital in the process. Hybrid systems also proffer greater control over data.

Irrespective of the model you choose for your organization, make sure  that you have gather enough knowledge about the platforms and benefits that you can avail from it, so that you can control any investment you make in this upcoming technology and stay ahead of others while using the benefits from this technology.

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