Astronomers Have Detected ‘Strange Signals’ Coming From A Small, Dim Star 11 Light-Years Away From Earth

Astronomers Have Detected Strange Signals Coming From a Star

Astronomers say they’ve detected mysterious signals that might be coming from a small, dim star situated about 11 light-years away from Earth.They have picked up the mysterious signals on May 12 using the Arecibo Observatory, a large astronomical telescope built inside a Puerto Rican sinkhole. The radio signals seem to

Physicist Gregory Matloff Postulates That The Entire Universe Might Be Capable Of Consciousness

universe as conscious

A new scientific idea has recently come to light, which scientists are calling “panpsychism.” Panpsychism says that the universe can be capable of consciousness, Which could change everything. Truth be told, panpsychism sounds pretty much like what the Hindus and Buddhists call the Brahman, the tremendous universal Creator of everything

Researchers Have Detected Methyl Isocyanate, The Key Ingredients For The Origin Of Life In A Solar-Type Protostar

Origin Of Life In A Solar-Type Protostar

Understanding the origin of life is one amongst the main challenges of modern science. It’s believed that some basic prebiotic chemistry might have developed in space, probably transferring prebiotic molecules to the solar nebula and afterward to Earth. Researchers from Queen Mary University of London and University College London discovered

Martian Surface Photochemistry, Render The Present-Day Surface More Uninhabitable Than Previously Thought

Researchers have had their suspicions over whether or not microorganisms can really survive on the surface of the Red Planet, and currently laboratory tests are spelling doom for any potential very little green microorganism. the matter here lies with perchlorates – chlorine-containing chemical compounds that we first detected on Mars