Booker Prize In 2012

The Booker prize or the Man-Booker prize is world’s highest award for the literary fiction. This award is given each year for the best fiction novel of the year. The award promises highest renown and success to the book and the author itself. The Booker prize is greeted with so much of anticipation by both the authors and the fanfare. Getting the award is of course a matter of prestige but getting nominated in the long list of authors for the booker prize is not a matter of joke. Previously the prize money for the Booker Prize was around £21,000, but in the year 2002, the prize money was raised to £50,000 making booker, the highest prize for literary fiction.

In the year 2012, Booker Prize was given without an exception to the best fiction of the year. The long list of nomination included “Communion Town” of Sam Thompson, “Narcopolis” of Jeet Thayil, “Bring up the Bodies” of Hilary Mantel, “Philida” of Andre Brink, “Skios” of Michael Frayn, “Swimming home’ of Deborah Levy, “The garden of evening Mists” by Tan twang, “The Lighthouse” by Alison Moore, “The Teleportation Accident” by Ned Beauman, “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” by Rachel Joyce, “The yips” by Nicola Barker and “Umbrella” by Will Self.

But among all the books in the long list, six books were shortlisted which were, “Bring up the Bodies” by Hilary Mantel, “Narcopolis” by Jeet Thayil, “Swimming Home” by Deborah Levy, “The garden of the mists” by Tan twang, “The Lighthouse” by Alison Moore and “Umbrella” by Will Self.

After a period of strict judging by Dinah Birch, Amanda foreman, Dan Stevens and Bharat Tandon, the book that won the Booker Prize is Hilary Mantel’s “Bring up the Bodies”.

Hilary’s fiction, “Bring up the bodies” got many positive receptions apart from winning Man Booker prize. She won “UK Author of the year” and “2012 Costa Novel Prize”. The story in “Bring up the bodies” started from where the previous novel ended, which definitely helps the reader to maintain a link between the two novels. The story starts with introducing the king and the Master Secretary as the guests of the Seymour family at Wolf Hall. After sharing some personal moments with Jane Seymour, the king fell in love with her. King’s present queen, Anne Boleyn failed to give a male heir to him. The story of her being infidel spread in a blink which became harassing for the king and he badly wanted to get rid of the queen. However, the king’s secretary’s master mind started finding a excuse to expel Anne from the kingdom. The story ends with Anne’s death.

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