Basic History of Cloud Computing

Before knowing the history of cloud computing, it is important to know what exactly cloud computing is. Cloud computing could be said to as the new instance of advancing technology. Technology is really advancing nowadays, and with new technology comes more complex technology. Cloud computing has a host of advantages and benefits. It is that advanced technology that uses the internet and central remote servers in order to continue the facts and the figures as well as the applications. The phrase “Cloud Computing” means a cloud of data that hang around on internet. After the advent of cloud computing there is no need to harass the hard disk of your computer. You can access all your personal files at any instant just with an internet connection from any computing devices. An example of cloud computing could be Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mails.

Coming back to our topic, the history of Cloud computing or how cloud computing came into being, the first thing that we need to mention is definitely, in a day, it did not appear. The history of cloud computing actually dates back to decades, the concept came into being, when a young man named John McCarthy thought that all computation process can be organized as something for a public utility. The year 1960 is very vital in the history of cloud computing. The company Amazon played a brilliant role for bringing cloud computing in the market. Amazon made their data centers further efficient. Amazon found that cloud computing would be a much more efficient. Amazon was then followed by other large and reputed companies. After the big companies started utilizing the benefits of cloud computing, the world started realizing the benefits of it.

Cloud computing is generally of two types. The services of cloud computing can be public or private. But there are distinguishable differences between the two. A public cloud provide services to anyone on the internet, while private cloud computing is a proprietary network. In private cloud computing also, it is a common data center, similarly like the public one, but it serves a limited number of people.

Basically, cloud computing uses the Internet and other central remote serves in order to maintain all the applications and data’s. This kind of computing will then allow businesses and consumers to use all different kinds of applications without installing anything. This obviously means that as long as your computer has Internet access you will be able to use the application on your computer or any computer in that case. This is very beneficial because then you won’t have to be at a definite computer to get access to your data’s. The customers of a cloud infrastructure do not practically own the infrastructure. They basically take the infrastructure in rent from a provider. The customer will pay the provider for only the amount they have used.

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