Archaeologists discover ancient urban settlements in Madurai, Tamil Nadu

There were text evidences to prove the existence of an ancient city in Tamil Nadu, which could be found in ancient Tamil literature of Sangam Age. But historians and archaeologists have termed those references mere fragment of human imagination.

Sangam Age, which lasted from 400 BCE to 200 AD was a time in history of south India when all the poets and scholars under the guardianship of Pandya kings gathered in Madurai to compose some of the best Tamil works. In those written texts they have given details about life, culture and society of that time. These are the texts where a reference of a big ancient city near Madurai has been mentioned.

Till now there was no proof for that ancient city, but recently Archaeological Survey of India (Bangalore) have unearthed 2000 year old archaeological site situated 15 km far from Madurai City in Keeladi village of Sivaganga district. Total area, structure and presence of this urban settlements at first seems to be somewhat near to Mohenjo-Daro.

Researchers have discovered some 3000 artifacts from the site like Chess pieces, stone made dices, ornaments and weapons made up of metals and bones. The decorated pots have some written texts written in the Tamil Bramhi script which is the origin of the current Tamil script. Even the names written on the pots are the same as one could find in texts of Sangam literature.
There are some specific bricks made building which might have been constructed for social gathering and as a place of worship.

The discovery of this site will surely give a new light on the history of ancient South India, which does not have early archaeological sites to prove its ancient existence and culture.

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