Archaeologists at the Universities of Sheffield and York Uncovered Hudge Viking Army Camp in England

The researchers at Universities of Sheffield and York Uncovered have found some 300 lead game pieces and gold silver and other metals using metal detectors as evidence to prove the existence of bigger army encampment of Vikings which was not meant to just loot and go back to Scandinavia. These pieces indicates that it was not a small camp as it was the case before this when they used to come for the purpose of loot but this time they had an intention to conquer the land and the people. It was a huge camp of warriors, women and children. Who were spending time by playing games and waiting for spring to come to start their attack on Anglo-Saxons.

Before this they had been coming but only with the purpose of loot after destructing some part of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, they used to go back to Scandinavia. At this camp they melted gold, silver and other metals that they earned from loot to manufacture things which they uses for trade and personal uses.

Researches have speculates that the area was in nearly 135 acres which could be larger that some of the biggest cities of that time like York.

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