AlphaGo, Google’s AI Machine has defeated world’s no-1 player of Go

AlphaGo-beats-Ke Jie

Some of the biggest companies of the world are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence in a move to make machines more intelligent to reduce the workload of human beings and to increase the productivity with efficiency. IBM with Watson, Elon Musk with Neuralink and Microsoft with Cortana are making news about the advancement of Intelligent Machine. Even some of the biggest thinkers are warning of a doom with the arrival of advance machines, companies are not hesitating to invest more in this technology segment.

AlphaGo has already been in the news for some time, in October 2015 it had beaten Mr Fan Hui with a result of 5-0, who is three time European Champion of Go as it was published in Nature. AlphaGo then went ahead with another accomplishment when it had defeated Mr Lee Sedol, who is considered by many as one of the greatest players. In March 2016 after winning a match with 4-1 in South Korea it reached to highest ranking – 9, which a machine ever achieved.

But in this moth of May Google’s AlphaGo has achieved much greater appreciations when it has defeated Ke Jie, who is a Chinese Grand Master and number -1 player in the world. This win which people initially thought would take more than decades has been achieved within this short period of time will surely boost the ignite of AI geeks.

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