About Window 8 : Specifications and Features

Window 8 is the latest version of a series of Operating Systems from the Microsoft stable. It can be used on used on personal computers, home theatre PCs, laptops and tablets. Its development process started even before its predecessor Windows 7 was launched. It was released for the manufacturers on 1st August 2012 while the public release was done on 26th October 2012. A new logo was unveiled for Window 8 on 19th February 2012. It has been designed by Paula Scher and looks like a set off 4 window panes and is in single clour

Minimum Hardware Requirements

·         1 GHz clock rate processor

·         1 GB RAM ( IA -32 edition) 2 GB RAM (x64 edition)

·         16 GB free disk space (IA -32 edition) 20 GB free disk space (x64 edition)

·         1024 x 768 pixels display screen


Windows 8 has been launched in 4 editions

Targeted segment
Windows 8
Mainstream Consumers
Windows 8 Pro
Business users and enthusiasts
Windows 8 Enterprise
Available only for volume licensing
Windows RT
Pre-installed in ARM-based devices

Windows 8 is available at USD 119.99 while Windows 8 Pro is available at USD 199.99

New features and changes

Windows explorer has become history and been renamed as File explorer. It features a ribbon toolbar which gives easy access to the most commonly used commands. It has also restored the Up button. This feature allows the user to back up a level in the hierarchy of folders. The redesigned progress windows can show multiple operations. It has incorporated a graph which allows tracking the transfer speeds. One can also pause and resume file transfers. Thanks to a new interface the conflicting files to be copied.

Internet Explorer 10 is bundled with Windows 8

The Windows task manager has also been overhauled. A new Startup Tab has been introduced.  It gives a list of start up applications and their impact on boot time. Heat map is used to show the resource utilization in the Processes tab. Darker shades of yellow indicates heavier use.

Keeping in mind the touch screen users two new login methods have been incorporated. One of them is picture password. This feature allows the use gestures on the selected picture to login. It takes in consideration the shape, direction, the start and end points. Login would be denied if a wrong gesture in made. 5 unsuccessful attempts will lock the PC and it can be unlocked only after giving a text password. In order to speed up the sign-in the gesture has been limited to tapping and tracing a line or a circle.


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