About Mini Truck The Tata Ace

The Tata Ace is a mini-truck which is similar in design and look to the Japanese Kei truck. It was launched by Tata Motors in year 2005. It was manufactured on demand to give competition to the similar looking vehicles fro other competitors, such as Bajaj Auto, Piaggio and Mahindra. It was the brief given by one of the designer in order to manufacture a cargo vehicle. Earlier the design was made based on the three wheeler cart which is very common vehicle for public transport. But it was modified later and decided to make a better and stronger type of vehicle. It was an economical vehicle which can take lighter load for shorter distances.

Tata Ok is also similar looking vehicle designed by Tata motors which works in the similar way as that of Tata Ace. It was an experimental project where the vehicle was made for 4 key dealers of South India. But later it was in demand from many states of South. It is considered to be identical vehicle which looks and works like Tata Ace.

As the need increase for stronger cargo vehicle. The Tata Super Ace was powered with four cylinders and 475 IDI inter cooled diesel engine which produces 70 bhp.  It has capacity of about one ton and a speed up to 125 kph. It has the power steering which makes it look stronger in design and a speed capacity up to 125 kph. It has larger load area and it has different look with grille around it. The Super Ace offers more comforts to the driver having lockable glove box. It also has the facilities like mobile charger, rear view mirrors, and the sun visor. According to the feedback from the customers, the Tata Ace is much preferred for carrying the load than the traditional three wheeler cargo carts.

The power steering   makes Tata Ace more comfortable to drive. It has a warranty of about 12 months or 50,000 Kms which helps the customer to test it under all different conditions. There was sale of about 30,000 super Ace by the Tata Motors in recent years.  It always has an advantage over the similar type of vehicles because of its large sized wheels.

Tata Ace has become the first cargo vehicle establishing the mini segment in India.  It is convenient to use the four wheeler cargo vehicle for carrying heavy goods with complete control. The main reason behind the success of mini cargo vehicle is the traffic rule which bans the heavy trucks from entering into the city. It has helped hundreds of people who would have otherwise suffered while doing their duty. Tata Ace can be truly called as the people’s vehicle in India.

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