About BMW Overseas Subsidiaries

BMW is basically a German automobile company but it is not restricted within Germany anymore. BMW has overseas subsidiaries to satisfy the thirst of BMW cars across the world.

In South Africa BMW’s have been assembled in South Africa since 1968. BMW initially brought shares of the Praetor Monteerder’s company, but they completely acquired the company in the year 1975. BMW South Africa is fully owned subsidiary of BMW, outside Germany. The three unique models that BMW models, that was specially designed for South Africa were E23 M745i (1983), BMW 333i (1986), and the E30 BMW 325is (1989), which was a great success till date. Many US manufacturers such as Ford and GM dissociated from the country in the 1980’s, BMW retained full ownership of its operations in South Africa. Many south Africa made BMW’s are exported to counties like Japan, Australia, and New Zealand and several other countries.

BMW also have a subsidiary in the United States. BMW in united states has been manufacturing the X5 and the X6 series in the plant in South Carolina, USA. Also the production of X3 has also begun in the plant of USA. The returns from the USA plant have increased quite many folds which forced BMW to invest in the plant of USA to expand.

BMW India was established in 2006 as a sales subsidiary in Gurgaon. The plant in Chennai has started operating in the year2 007 on the BMW 3 and 5 series cars. The plant in Chennai was constructed in the year 2006 with an investment of one million INR. The plant started operating in the first quarter of the year 2007 and started its production with different models of BMW 3 series and BMW 5 series.

BMW went to China in the year 2003 for the production of sedans due to a signed deal. In the year 2004, a new factory was opened in China in the north eastern city of Shenyang, where a company named Brilliance Auto produces BMW branded automobiles in a joint venture with a German Company.

Since the end of the World War II, BMW cars went to Japan. Yanase Co. Ltd. Is the supplier of the BMW automobiles to the Japanese customers. Also BMW Canada is extremely successful. In 2008, BMW Canada was named as one of the great employers in a newspaper of Toronto. Bavarian Auto Group is a multinational group of companies established in March 2003 when it was appointed as the only importer of BMW and Mini in Egypt. The success of BMW across the world has crossed all limits and that is the sole reason why it has crossed all the geographical boundaries of the world.

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