Self Glowing, Self Sufficient and Solar Powered Bike Path in Poland That Lights Bright Blue at Night

Poland has recently rolled out a 100-meter track of road that glows at night by phosphor, a synthesized material which lights up after it’s charged by sunlight, just one of hour of sun light is enough for it to glow for more than 8 hours . They have chosen blue color for the strip as their engineers conveyed that it will be very suitable with a matching landscape of the area. This 300 feet long blue road has been created by a construction company known as TPA Instytut Badan Technicznych in Pruszkow. They are still performing some test on its durability and sustainability. The president of TPA  Ruttmar told that the synthetic material used for their track can glow for whole night before being recharge in the day time with of minimum 1 hour sunlight .

The company is not  the first of it’s kind to create a solar-powered road track, The have drew inspiration from a very similar solar-powered bike lane  in the Netherlands  known as  ‘ Starry Night’ that was constructed  by Studio Roosegaarde in the year 2015. The technologies of these two paths are little different in their functionality and working. While Starry Night bike lane glows with the help of LEDs powered by solar energy, the Polish track does not any external power supply.

We can say that this blue color bike track is very safe and ecocentric than other available road tracks but with this it also brings a lot of expenses for its development. The company or the contactors have not yet revealed any time of amount that they have invested. They are still trying to reduce the production cost so that this very useful technology has a broader presence in the world.

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