A History of World Wide Web ( WWW )

www history

CERN plays a very crucial role in introducing WWW (World Wide Web) to the world. World Wide Web is a global information medium which anybody can access at any point of time by means of computer connected to Internet. Often people gets confuse and consider WWW as a synonym for internet but practically web is a service that operates over internet. Tim Berners – Lee with a team of scientists in CERN has created World Wide Web by taking help of CERN’s internet facility.

In the year 1980, Tim Berners-Lee, who was basically an independent contractor at the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN built a project with the name “Enquire” as a personal database of people and software models. The problem that it has was each new page of information in Enquire had to be linked to any particular page. But in the year 1984, when Berners-Lee returned to CERN, detected the problems of his project and he also realized that for the sake of research, physicists around the world needed to share data and information, sitting at any corner of the world without any machines in common or in that case without any common software. Tim made a proposal and sends it to his boss. His boss seemed very happy with the idea and he encouraged Tim to carry on with his project. Prior to settling with the name “World Wide Web”, he thought of several other options such as “The Information Mesh”, “The Information Mine”, “Mine of Information” and few other. But eventually he turned down all the ideas and confirmed the name “World Wide Web” which abbreviates as WWW.

Tim found an enthusiastic collaborator Robert Cailliau, who revised the proposal made by Tim and rewrote it as well as asked for resources from CERN. In the nearest European Conference on Hypertext Technology in that year September, they tried to pitch their ideas, but there was no single being who appeared enthusiastic about the project to wrap up hypertext with internet. By the end of that year, Tim had built all the necessary tools required to execute his project like HTTP 0.9 (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), HTTP server software, Web browser, the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to make his project even more feasible. The browser Tim made was able to access FTP files too. To encourage the use of web, the concerned person in CERN has put the CERN telephone directory on the web, which previously people has to log onto the mainframe in order to access the information.

This was in short how WWW came into being. From the time the usage of WWW has started, it has never looked back.

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