A Group of Scientists and Diplomats Says We Have Three Years to Save The Planet From Irreversible Destruction


Our Planet ravaged by temperature change could seem sort of a distant future. however Earth is already experiencing effects these days.

In the whole world, the minimum rate of sea water level rise enhanced 50 % within the last twenty years. In 2017, atmospheric temperatures have already outstretched their highest levels in history in some areas, from Alaska to Vietnam. And therefore it can be said that the past three years were the most hottest on record.

In a new letter, six distinguished scientists and diplomats, as well as former United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres and scientist Stefan Rahmstorf, wrote that the planet has just about three years before the worst effects of global climate change take hold.

Published June 28, the letter urges governments, businesses, scientists, and people to deal with the world’s greenhouse-gas emissions currently.

If emissions will be permanently down by 2020, world temperatures can probably avoid reaching an irreversible threshold, they write.

Their set up includes six goals for 2020:

  1. An increment of renewable energy to 30 % of electricity use.
  2. Devise plans for cities and states to discard fossil fuels by 2050.
  3. Ensure 15 % of all new vehicles sold-out are electrical.
  4. Cut net emissions from deforestation.
  5. Publish plan for halving emissions from deforestation well before 2050.
  6. Encourage the financial sector to issue a lot of “green bonds” toward climate-mitigation efforts.

The authors demand cities and businesses to fight emissions and meet the Paris accord goals, even without the assistance of the U.S..

Source: Business Insider

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