A Brief Biography of Joanne Rowling ( J.K. Rowling )

J K Rowling

J.K. Rowling or Joanne Rowling is a familiar name to almost all kids, and not only kids to all actually. She is the creator of the legendary character “Harry Potter”, the character that almost all kids dreams about.  Rowling has got worldwide attention and won several accolades for her novel, which has been the base of a series of films.

Rowling is daughter of Peter James and Anne Rowling; she was born in Yate on 31 July 1965, Gloucestershire at England. Her mother Anne was French and Scottish ancestry. Her parents first met as unknown individuals on a train at King’s Cross Station in the year 1964. Some Days later in the same year 1965, they get married. Rowling’s sister Dianne was born when Joanne was 23 months old. Rowling’s entire family moved to Winterbourne village when Rowling was four. She was a great student. Rowling has confessed it in many of the interviews that her principal at St. Michael’s Primary School was her inspiration to frame the character of Professor Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series.

Rowling was a very imaginative child. From childhood she often used to write fantasy stories and used to share the stories with her little sister. When J.K. Rowling was about nine years of age, she moved to Tutshill village of Gloucestershire where her great aunt told her many classic stories and gave her Jessica Mitford’s autobiography, “Hons and Rebels”. Rowling became astounded with her story and became her ardent follower.

In many of the interviews Rowling has confessed that her teenage years were really painful. Her mother was severely ill and she found it really difficult to have a good bond with her father, even she had no talking terms with her. She attended Wyedean School and College, where her mother used to work in the science department as a technician. According to Rowling, Hermione, a character of Harry Potter series is inspired from her own character when she was of the character’s age. She was the head girl when she was in secondary standards. She was quite a bright student in her class. She studied the A levels of French, English and German, where she achieved two A’s and one B.

In the year 1982, Rowling gave the entrance tests of Oxford University, but she didn’t clear the examination and studied French and classics from the University of Exeter. She made a bunch of friends there at the University of Exeter and began to enjoy her college days. After she graduated from the University of Exeter, she moved to London and did a job as a researcher and bilingual secretary. Writing was her passion from that time only.

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