2000 Year Old Painting Proves That Pre Historic People Lived in Ranthambore Caves

When In early 1000 BCE after having some conflicts among them or been expelled by more powerful western kingdoms whom they used to call Mleccha, Aryans started to move towards the middle and western region of India that they found more secure than northern and north west region as there was more hostility among chiefs and clans for the controll over the land of Sapta Sindhu.

While moving in western region they had to first face the Bhils who were an indigenous group and an original inhabitant of India. They had their chiefs and a small group of individual fighters to defend their land.
It has been mentioned in different Puranas like Bhagawata, Vishnu and Matsya about conflict of Aryans with indigenous people for the control over this western part of India.[1]

It is evident enough in different type of historical documents that Bhils were ruling the territories like Hadoti,Vagad and Mewar before Ratjputs dethroned and disowned their territories.

There are very little archaeological findings to prove their ancient presence in the region, but finding of this 2000 year old painting in a cave of Kailadevi forests of Tiger Reserve of Ranthambore may force us to reevaluate their historical anatomy that has very little impact on our social study of India. These findings are enough to prove that early Non-Aryan, indigenous people used to live in these areas. In an area about 150km from Ranthambore to Bundi nearly 100s of rock paintings have been discovered by the archaeologists is enough to prove that this area was once inhabited by a large population of early historic people.[2]

The researchers say that these paintings were a means of educating the next generation as their writing system was not fully developed or was nearly extinct. They used those paintings of different type of animals to educate their children.

These findings could be an initiator for the historians to look after other frations of socity like Bhils, Bhars, Gonds and Nagas. They need to present a better history of India which should include a history of all those people who once ruled or lived on this part of South Asia before arrival of Aryans and their strugle for survival with Aryans. Just because Aryans have a written records and other indegenous peple don’t have any document to claim their presence, we should not neglect their history and background.


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