11th Auto Expo 2012

The 11th Auto Expo 2012 was first time introduced in year 1985 but officially inaugurate in year 1986. It was the newly created window which displays the technology relating to the automobile industry. Such exhibitions shows details about the changes took place in the automobiles in recent years. It helps in promoting the business for the car companies and the car dealers. It gives enough opportunities to the products to get noticed in the open market where hundreds of people watch it with immense interest.

The variety of products starting from passenger cars, light weight and heavy vehicles along with the multipurpose automobiles get exhibited, displaying their features and trendy and stylish looks along with the benefits of advanced technology. The Auto Expo helps hundreds of car vendors, car dealers and also the car company owners a new way to showcase their talent and make more and more contact with the potential customers directly.

The 11th Auto Expo 2012 was held in Delhi in the famous Pragati Maidan. The entire exhibition was held for a period of one week. First two days were reserved for the media and also for VIPs. The eminent personalities from the media and from the industry visit the entire show. Generally the entire Expo is divided into separate segments. The entire display is divided into separate parts by divining it over the entire place.  The various aspects are displayed with the help of officials, supervisors, demonstrators along with sales men and saleswomen.

On the 6th of January the Expo will be opened for the public after the formal inauguration programme. The event will remain open for next tow days for the public. The response from the public is getting higher every year. There will be sufficient arrangements made for public. The security will be given highest priority.  There will be sufficient arrangement for the public to move around the stalls. Special arrangements are made by providing necessary services such as water, food, toilet etc.

The number of participants is increasing. There are about 1500 participants who take part in the entire event including the participants from the various countries willing to showcase their products in the Indian market.  The 11th Auto Expo 2012 displays the car launches from various companies. The car companies take this opportunity to launch their highly sophisticated cars in the market in the presence of hundreds of people which is a very proud moment for them. The highly popular and the world famous cars such as Ferrari, Peugeot and many other companies displayed the latest models of cars. Such Auto Expo always helps in generating interest among the people about the latest automobile vehicles.

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